What is MND?

Motor Neuron Diseases (MNDs), also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons, the cells that control skeletal muscle activity such as walking, breathing, speaking and swallowing.

MND24 in 2023 included multiple fun events;
201 Events in 40 Countries


Horse Riding




Mountain Biking




Beach Volleyball


Cocktail Making
Touch Rugby
Dune buggies








March for MND24 in 2022
took on 44 Events in 21 Countries

An incredible show of support in our first year. Unfortunately, we also had many events cancelled last minute due to the issues we have all faced around the Covid-19 pandemic.


Unofficial World Record in Cuba, where Salsa Dancers performed for 24 hours and 24 minutes.

South Africa

Ex-Springbok and Natal Shark legend John Allan led the way with mountain biking and golf in Durban; we had 24 dune buggies driving through the beautiful Western Cape in Cape Town; and two talented ladies knitted for 24 hours to make blankets for babies in ICU, proving that any 24-hour activity is possible!

United Arab emirates

MND24’s founder Sandy Stirling led a team of cyclists on a 24-hour cycle around Dubai’s Al Qudra desert, clocking up a whopping 586 kilometers, where more than 250 supporters came to cheer the riders on in their challenge.

In MND24’s founding city of Dubai, many companies took the opportunity to enjoy a little team bonding after Covid-19 social distancing restrictions were lifted, organising fundraising cooking, pool, beach volleyball, sailing, paddle tennis, training, running and foosball events. It was fantastic to see so many kids getting involved with the cause, playing football, rugby and paddle boarding around the Burj Al Arab to raise awareness for the cause.

Other events included surfing (Scotland), walking (Germany and Ireland), Netflix-watching (Hong Kong), trekking (Bali), spinning (USA), skiing (France) running (Monaco and Saudi Arabia), golf (Australia, Portugal and Spain), handball (France), rugby (Singapore and England), cocktail making (Turks and Caicos), cycling (Australia and Scotland) and music playing (Scotland).

It really can be any activity, done anywhere, highlighted most poignantly by the lady who undertook 24 hours of silence in her own home, in support of her mum, who had MND and lost the ability to speak. It’s really as simple as that.

Why should I be part of MND24’s Mission?

Raise awareness and vital funds for research into Motor Neuron Disease and care for those living with MND.

Collectively move us closer to our goal of helping find a cure for a disease that is hard to diagnose, impossible to predict and is currently incurable.

How to take part in MND24

Select a chosen sport or activity

With the aim to complete this for a total of 24 hours, any day in March 2024.

You can do this on your own or in a group.

Partner with a registered MND charity in your country

Set up an online fundraising page through an existing platform such as Just Giving, GoFundMe or Donor Box which links directly to your partner charity.

Register your 24-hour event

Follow @mnd24worldwide and register at the link in the Bio.

The MND24 team will support with:

  • A Brand Pack with logos and designs to use to raise awareness of your event.
  • A Global Platform to shout about your event, charity and sponsors.

Introductions to charity partners or potential supporters.

Spread the word

Take and post coverage of your preparation and training on your social media channels.

Tag @mnd24worldwide and use the hash tags #mnd24ww #mndworldwide #marchformnd24 #mnd24ambassador so we can shout about what you are doing.

The MND24 TEAM will support you with

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A brand pack with logos and designs to use for everything from your website to participant’s kit

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A global platform to shout about your event, charity, and sponsors

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Introductions to charity partners or potential supporters