24 Hours Of Dirt For MND

On the 12th of March 2022 Mountain bike enthusiasts from South Africa will take to a myriad of dirt roads across South Africa as part of the MND 24 challenge. MND 24 is a global initiative founded by Sandy Stirling in Dubai and the mission is to raise awareness and funding for both MND/ALS sufferers and future scientific research in Southern Africa. The aim is to make this an enjoyable and rewarding event for those who have high levels of fitness and those who do not. To this end participants could take part in any of the following formats:


  • Groups of 24 cyclists riding together for one hour each
  • Groups of 12 cyclists riding together for two hours each
  • Groups of 6 cyclists riding together for four hours each
  • Groups of 4 cyclists riding together for six hours each
  • Some groups may decide to do relays which add up to a total of 24 hours in whatever size groups they choose and some of the super fit may decide to really challenge themselves by pushing through for the full 24 hours or two teams completing 12 hours each


These would be the typical formats but the event will not be limited to these options only. Further details on how the fundraising aspects will be structured will be released soon.