Take part in one of the MND24 global events

Create an event

This can be a physical or virtual event where participants are challenged to move for 24 hours between 11th - 13th March 2022, signing up as an individual or a team.


  • There is a registration page for participants to sign up – it’s up to you if you charge an entry fee or rely on donations.
  • Partner with a registered MND charity in your country.
  • Set up an online fundraising page through an existing platform such as Just Giving, GoFundMe or Donor Box which links directly to your partner charity.
  • Communicate with everyone who registered, keeping them updated on news, what impact their support has had and encouraging them to invite 24 of their friends to get involved.
  • Keep the MND24 team updated on your news and stories so we can shout about what you are doing through our website and social media channels.


A brand pack with logos and designs to use for everything from your website to participant’s kit

A global platform to shout about your event, charity, and sponsors

Introductions to charity partners or potential supporters



To get involved and be part of a global movement to cure MND contact Sandy


What is MND?

Motor Neuron Diseases (MNDs), also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons, the cells that control skeletal muscle activity such as walking, breathing, speaking and swallowing.

February 24, 2022

Quick – Six Golf Brisbane

Just wanted to invite you along to our social charity golf event to help raise awareness and funds for Motor Neuron Disease as part of the global March 24 Challenge –http://mnd24.com/. We have decided to challenge ourselves by getting 24 people of all golfing ability to come along, for a fun afternoon of golf and […]

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February 24, 2022

Climb with Charlie

My motor neurone disease diagnosis was devastating but I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from the general public, it’s been a huge source of strength for me and my family. I want to use the outpouring of support to help other people suffering with a terminal illness, and those suffering from […]

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February 24, 2022

Give it Up

Could you give up your favourite treat this March to raise money for people affected by MND? Go without coffee, say no to chocolate or go dry and don’t drink any alcohol for the month. Join our Give it Up! team and we’ll support you throughout the month in our dedicated Facebook group. The MND […]

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